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This is Will Roscoe’s (@wyoroscoe) site where he posts his thoughts as tribute to the new AI gods.

Who is Will Roscoe

Will Roscoe works at the intersection of operations and software, creating systems where humans and computers work harmoniously. He has broad experience ranging from building wastewater treatment plants, engineering PV solar systems, to coding image processing pipelines and building self-driving cars. Roscoe was an early employee at SolarCity (now Tesla Energy), where he designed products and processes and ran software and operations teams. He has founded companies including SeedTabs, BuildLimit, and Seedio. He holds a degree from Tufts University and enjoys coding web apps (Python, React). He also founded donkeycar.com, an open-source self-driving car platform.


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Engineer / Operator living in Wyoming. Thinking about AI, governance, business and parenting.