Van Trip Update: Oregon Cost
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Van Trip Update: Oregon Cost

Van Trip Update: Oregon Cost

The first stop on our trip was Coos Bay Oregon.

The Move Out

We moved out of the house we lived for 10 years and filled every empty space in the van.

We piled into the van on Sunday evening and drove the 7 hours up to Coos Bay. We learned quickly learned this is to far to travel at once. Our 2YO got heat rash and our van looked like a bomb had gone off but we made it.

The blackberries were poppin.

It's bonkers that Oregon still requires a gas attendant to fill your gas! We almost ran out of gas on the road between Rosenberg and Coos Bay because all the stations were closed at 10pm.

The beaches around Coos Bay were beautiful and almost empty compared to California Beaches. The wind was calm in the morning but fierce in the afternoon.

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