Van-Trip: Detroit to the Adirondacks via Columbus, OH
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Van-Trip: Detroit to the Adirondacks via Columbus, OH

Van-Trip: Detroit to the Adirondacks via Columbus, OH

We drove from Detroit to 30 minutes outside Columbus and stayed on a private campground we found on Hipcamp.

The 7 year old campground was 20 acres total with 10 acres with  mowed campsites with firepits and 10 acres of woods with trails. Between the sites were young maple trees and beautiful white flowers that apparently the bees love. There was a fishing pond in the center and a frog pond up front. Everything was intuitively connected by mowed paths a few signs.

The host of camp, Christy loved her job. She gave an hour long scavenger hunt for the kids that led them all around the property and ended with a Popsicle reward. While only talking to her briefly she boasted with genuine pride how several kids had been conceived on the campground. Everyone should find a job they love as much as Christy loves hers.

We found this campsite on Hipcamp for $20 and had a great time. App well done.

After futzing around the next morning we checked into our Airbnb in German Village, the quiet old neighborhood just south of downtown Columbus. In the early 1800’s almost a third of Columbus was German. German Village had such amazing schools that English speaking residents would attend them. Due to WWI and the resulting anti-german sentiment the neighborhood was nearly abandoned over the next couple decades. However in 1960s people made it a preservation district and saved some of the look and feel for the neighborhood.

I have mixed feelings about preservation districts, especially ones that preserve kitchens that are detached from the living room like our AirBnb has. But, I can see the appeal of the old German village look with cobble streets and Beir Gartens on most corners.  

Just around the corner was an amazing public park where we spent most of our days.

On to the Adirondacks to visit family living on a 2800 acre retreat for one of the worlds richest families.

The place was beautiful, quite and wild. We had a blast.

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