Adirondacks to New Hampshire via Lake Champlain
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Adirondacks to New Hampshire via Lake Champlain

Adirondacks to New Hampshire via Lake Champlain

We spent 4 days with family in the boonies of the Adirondacks.

When we arrived something was different than past visits. Normally we'd spend the first hour or so catching up on what each other have been doing. This time we didn't because we already new what they'd been doing. We just jumped right into playing games and hanging out.

This since this March our extended family has been using Marco Polo (app to send video private messages) to share what we’re thinking and doing. It has enabled a close connection to those far away without all the posturing that comes with posting things publicly.

Because the satellite Internet was insufficient for video calls, we moved to a cabin on Lake Champlain.

Here I fell in love again with sleeping near the waves of the ocean(or big lake). The bedroom of the cabin which was only 20 feet from the breaking waves had windows that allowed me to watch the sunrise over the lake while I was still laying in bed. I had trouble identifying exactly what I loved about the experience but it was magical.

It felt primal knowing no danger was coming toward us across the miles of water. It felt cosmic seeing the earth rotate to expose the sun. It felt singular listening to the waves without the mind racing.

I'm making a life goal is to spend time living directly on the water.

After a 30 min ferry across the lake we made a quick stop in Burlington.

More people in Vermont were wearing masks than I had seen anywhere else. Even outside almost everyone wore a mask. We were supposed to quarantine for 14 days because we were coming from a county that had more than 400 cases per 1 million residence, so we decided to keep going.

That night we camped in the National Forest above the town of Brenton Woods. I was excited to be in the town where the historic decision was made to establish the USD as the world reserve currency. Our night in the rain and snow bore no resemblance to the meeting but I appreciated the time to think how this agreement changed the world.

We expected a light rain and got 6 inches of heavy snow. The weight from the snow (or the local Bigfoot) broke our awning and we had to dig our self out of the parking lot. This was the right balance of unpreparedness and unpredictable weather to give us a good little adventure.

We're off to sneak into a quarantined prep-school to see a cousin and then up to Maine!

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