Roscoe Update #3
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Roscoe Update #3

Oct 4, 2020

Every Sunday I send an email to subscribers to share the interesting things I've learned that week. I focus on systems and technologies that will help us build rural city compounds including electricity generation, modular construction, water systems, farming, automation, governance, and bitcoin.

Personal Update:

We are now in Columbus, OH on our #van-trip. Last week we came from Minneapolis via the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. My post about it is here.

What I found interesting:

  • Ohio has surprisingly few places to camp. Only 1% of the land in Ohio is Federally owned. Only 9 states have less federal land as a percentage. All the land in the state is private with a few state parks. Nevada on the other hand is 84% federally owned.
  • Hipcamp is a site to find places to camp on private land. It was founded in 2013 and has raised $40.5 million. We used it for the first time last night and are staying on a beautiful old farm for $20 which is less than most state and federal campgrounds. I've overheard several people here talking about the site.
  • Another tool that I've used religiously over the past month of #van-life is Outly. The app gives detailed maps showing the boundaries of federal and state land. It also shows developed campsites and dispersed camping locations.
  • The people I've talked too that don't believe masks work have similar behavior patterns. I got in a discussion on Twitter with the Author of the Bitcoin Standard and the guy was extraordinarily defensive. I try to limit my internet arguments to one a month and I got Octobers out of the way early.

One Prediction

The Nasdaq will loose >5% this week. So much chaos, people are going to get worried and pull out until after election to see what happens. There is no upside for the election either way.

I record and check my predictions here.

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