Minimum Viable Compound
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Minimum Viable Compound

What is the fastest thing we can create that would test the idea if we can get our friends to come live with use for a month.

What we'd like to test.

  1. Are people motivated and able to move somewhere to live together?
  2. Do we like living together?
  3. Do we see an attainable path to build a rural city with more people?
  4. Can we make decisions effective?


  • A piece of land so that we're free to do what we want.
  • Places to sleep. (BYO van, yurt or airstream)
  • Fast Internet.
  • Office space for people to work
  • Communal Kitchen ¬†and Eating Space
  • Decent Toilets / Showers
  • Demonstration cabin to show what living could be like.
  • Some sort of child care.
  • Fun things to do for adults and kids.

Given what we need to test and the minimum requirements the easiest think I can imagine is a campground with the offices / kitchen / bathrooms / recreation space in the center. Campers would be on the perimeter for privacy and we'd all come together in the middle.

With the right piece of land we could pull this off in a couple of months but most likely some development would be necessary.

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