Letter 8 - ATL, Compound Risks & Location
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Letter 8 - ATL, Compound Risks & Location

Personal Update:

We've made it to ATL where we're staying right on the undeveloped part of the Beltline and right next to a new park. We love it so far. I can't recommend the Beltline enough and every city should build a bike path that circumnavigates itself.

Compound Progress

I talked with my brother who lives in Atlanta but wants to live on a compound to. He's actually tried two times before this to buy land with friends and make it happen but they got hung up on where to live and never bought land.

Given that everyone I talk to loves the idea of building a place to live together but few people actually make it happen suggests the path is riddled with risks. We are going to spend every bit of our time and money reducing the risk of failure.

The top risk to starting a compound is failure to make a decision. This is hard with many people and a decision involving lots of time and money

The second biggest risk to failure is picking a bad location.

Combine these two risks at the very start of the compound building process and you can see why most people don't get past the brainstorm stage.

To mitigate the risk of not making a decision we won't involve other people outside our immediate family until we purchase the land. To avoid picking land in the wrong spot I am beginning to review a short list of locations and their available properties. We are picking to start around Wyoming and Idaho because we know the area and have connections to help us build.

Since we want access to be outside we're looking at areas surrounded by public lands. Below are land use maps of different areas.

Potential compound locations showing surrounding land use. White:Private, Dark Green:Wilderness, Light Green:National Forest, Tan:Federal BLM, Orange:Reservation, Blue:State Owned. 

Things I Found Interesting

The war on drugs might be slowly ending? Many states legalized marijuana and DC and Oregon allowed some uses of mushrooms. More in this wired article.

I've been going further down the Bitcoin rabbit hole buy running a lightning node so I spent my time in Telegram channels instead of reading this week. Some highlights include:

  • Iran now may have 5% of the Bitcoin hashing power. They are likely burning oil to generate electricity to power Bitcoin mining rigs. Wild to think about but smart on their part to circumnavigate the USD hegemony.  
  • There is now a non custodial service to borrow existing Bitcoin lightning channels from node operators. This is one of the mechanisms that will enable services to receive large volumes of payments. Makes it more flexible.
  • Bitcoin transaction fees are back down to 1sat/vbyte so its cheap to open channels and sent bitcoin on chain. Last week fees were > 300sat/vbyte.  
bitcoin transaction fees


Edge AI (neural networks deployed to small devices) will become ubiquitous faster than self driving cars. This is obvious given their size and low deployment cost but it would have been harder to predict 5 years ago when all the hype was about self driving cars.

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