#1 Sunday Update - Sept 20, 2020
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#1 Sunday Update - Sept 20, 2020

#1 Sunday Update - Sept 20, 2020

A weekly update to share thoughts, tools and progress toward building rural cities.

Personal Update:

What I found interesting:

  • Generally, people who live where winters are very cold emit more C02. But there is more to the story than cold winters because some very cold places have low emissions. Cold places that emit little CO2 (Washington & New York) usually get their energy from low carbon sources like hydro.  (twitter thread)
  • Square sponsors a handful of engineers and designers to improve the Bitcoin ecosystem. They announced that their patents will be placed in a nonprofit to help the crypto community ward off patent trolls.    
  • The recycled symbol on plastics was implemented by a lobbying campaign by the oil and plastics industry. Many of the types of plastics with that symbol have never been economical to recycle. Listen to the Planet Money episode.
  • "Desire paths" are the trails people create as they travel on their desired route. This is often not what the builder had built. The term was coined by Larry Wall (inventor of programming language Perl) and been absorbed into the study of user experience. Here is a photo album of "desire paths".

One Prediction

I'm publishing my predictions to hold myself accountable. Here's a record of my past predictions.

In one year the average single family home price in Missoula, MT ($350k) will have increased by a greater percentage than a single family home price in Oakland, CA ($854k). Driving factors include.

  • Regular smoke in the fall from wildfires.
  • Poor governance that favors altruistic ideals over individual responsibility.
  • Remote work will enable many people to leave.
  • COVID will normalize moving your family.

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