Bitcoin Resources & Recomendations

Answers to common questions, and my favorite resources.

Best Learning Resources

Buy Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a savings technology. Take the emotional aspect out of buying bitcoin by setting up weekly buys.

  • river.com - Bitcoin only exchange that allows for lightning withdraws.
  • cash.app - Allows you to buy and hold bitcoin. Founder Jack is a Bitcoiner.

Save Bitcoin

For larger values of bitcoin it makes sense to use a cold storage device. I've had a good experience with the Cold Card and a Seed Plate. Use a passphrase in addition to your seed words.

Use Bitcoin (web and mobile wallets)

I've tried a bunch of wallets. Here are my recommendations starting with the wallets that require the least number of steps to start using.

  • strike.me - Connect your bank account and start paying lightning invoices. Note that funds in your wallet are dollars, not bitcoin.
  • coinos - No-setup web-based custodial wallet for receiving small amounts of bitcoin on LN.
  • wallet of satoshi - Custodial wallet for using lightnig.

Lightning Services

Host a Lightning Node

I run a routing lightning node and share my lessons here.

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