Bitcoin Lightning Resources
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Bitcoin Lightning Resources

A list of resources I've found useful for using the lightning network and hosting my own node.

What is the Bitcoin Lightning Network?

The lightning network(LN) lets people transact bitcoins faster and more privately than using the bitcoin blockchain directly. Read more here.


I've tried a bunch of wallets. Here are my recommendations starting with the wallets that require the least number of steps to start using.

  • CoinOS - Fast no-setup web-based custodial wallet for receiving small amounts of bitcoin on LN. Yo
  • - Simple bitcoin lightning wallet. Fund your wallet with your bank account and a phone number. Note that funds in your wallet are dollars, not bitcoin.
  • Breez - Non-custodial lightning wallet that gives you free inbound liquidity.
  • Zap - Mobile wallet interface for your hosted lightning node (requires separate server).

Try Out the Lightning Network

Host a Lightning Node

  • Luna Node - One click BTCPay Server Hosting with Luna Node. Hosted in Canada, accepts bitcoin payments and costs ~$8/month.
  • - Rankings of public nodes.
  • _______  - Find nodes that you should connect to.  (does this exist?)

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