Roscoe Update #2 - Sept 27, 2020
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Roscoe Update #2 - Sept 27, 2020

Personal Update:

What I found interesting:

  • Business owner Micheal Saylor invested over $450 million of MicroStrategy's treasury in bitcoin over the past couple months. Micheal said that it takes 6-12 months for a public company to go from making the decision to invest in bitcoin and actually making it happen. He thinks other companies are thinking about it now and will follow. Learn more from his discussion on the Pomp podcast.
  • U.S. Patent No. 7,110,538 has expired. "It's a very specific, and optional, technique that can be used to speed certain cryptographic operations, on certain elliptic curves. The curve used by Bitcoin, secp256k1, is one of those that benefit from it. Imagine you've your whole life been computing 136*149 by doing 136+136+...+136. It works, but then someone teaches you the standard multiply algorithm. It does the same, but faster. That's it: someone found a way to make EC math faster, and patented it. Not as trivial, though." - Pieter Wuille   This will be implemented in Bitcoin Core and will reduce the resources required for bitcoin nodes.
  • Israel's government is working to change Bitcoin's status from an asset to a currency. This is important for Bitcoin to be used as a form of payment so that each transaction does not need to calculate capital gains tax.

One Prediction

Biden will win Wisconsin. After seeing the "Republicans for Biden" billboard on our drive toward Green Bay gave the sense that there are more closet Biden supporters than the yard signs would indicate.  

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